Best Amazon Seller Resources For Streamlining Your Operation

On top of the tools available to Amazon Sellers in Seller Central, there are a number of tools available from third-parties. In fact, there are so many third-party tools that it might get confusing to new or even seasoned Amazon Sellers.

That's why we created this post to identify some of the more commonly used tools and must-haves for every Amazon Seller.

Amazon’s FBA Revenue Calculator

The Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator is an essential tool that every Amazon FBA seller should have bookmarked! This calculator can help to ensure that your pricing covers all expenses, including fulfillment costs. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!

Repricing Tools

A repricing tool updates product prices based on rules that you create. It works by monitoring your listings, as well as competitors’, and then automatically adjusts the prices.

A good repricing tool will allow you to implement a number of different strategies that go beyond just getting the most sales. For instance, if your product is new and you have some competition, you'll want to start out with a competitive pricing strategy. As your product climbs in rank, you'll want a repricing tool that can price for maximum profit.

Without a repricing tool, you would have to conduct time-consuming daily management of your product listings. But with a repricing tool, you simply set parameters based on your profit strategies and Buy Box targets; then the repricing tool takes over. This allows your listings to pretty much sell themselves while helping you avoid profit-sinking price wars.

Listing Tools

Anyone who has created a couple of listings knows that it's a slow and tedious process, but one that has to be done perfectly. Listing software helps you create hundreds of listings quickly and without error. If you plan on selling on multiple marketplaces, e.g., eBay, Walmart, etc., then you might want to invest in a good listing tool.

Scouting Tools

Scouting software has revolutionized the Amazon marketplace. Before scouting software, sellers had to look for products the hard way, but now scouting tools allow sellers to search the entire internet to find the best prices on wholesale items. The only problem now is that these tools have lowered the barrier to entry, so we advise all new sellers to do their homework before committing to a product.

Inventory Tracking

If you're storing inventory at your store, house or FBA you may want to consider using inventory software. Inventory software helps you keep track of all of your inventory by giving you notices when to replenish products; auto-close listings when they get too low; forecast sales; manage suppliers and more.

New sellers can probably go without inventory software, but with that said, this is a tool that sellers will want to get BEFORE they need it.

Tax Compliance Tools

Sales tax is something that every seller needs to be aware of. When selling online, sales tax can increase quickly, especially if you use drop-ship services. Tax software can help you make sure to collect and remit the proper sales tax.

Seller Rating Tools

There's two types of feedback that every Amazon Seller needs to worry about: Amazon Seller Feedback and Product Reviews. Product reviews are determined based on your customers experience with your product whereas Seller Feedback is their determined based on their experience with you, the seller.

Most new sellers only worry about product reviews, but both are equally important. Negative reviews can skunk a product in no-time and a lower seller feedback score can get your account banned, so make sure you stay on top of it with a good seller rating tool.

These tools help you get more feedback and product reviews and prevent negative feedback/reviews. These tools work by providing automated feedback and review requests once a buyer has purchased your product.

Product Monitoring Tools

Products are constantly under attack by other sellers, buyers and even Amazon itself, which is why Product Monitoring tools are extremely helpful to sellers and a necessity for branded products. Product monitoring tools keep track of a product's most important metrics and alerts sellers whenever there's a change in product reviews, price, buy box status, Best Seller Badge status, product rank or if your listing has been hijacked.