Amazon Seller Must Haves for Optimal Productivity

You owe to yourself to take a minute and read this, because the items below have the potential to save you a lot of time and money. All you need to do is check them out and see if you can use them in your business.  Read Time 5 minutes.

Password Manager

The average person spends 2 days a year just dealing with password management issues (changing password, updating passwords, finding passwords, etc.).... Ok, we couldn't find anything to back this up, but it's not hard to believe is it?

Amazon sellers have so many different accounts that they have to keep track of, so it's a real pain the a** when you have to take time to reset a password or look one up. That's where password managers come in. Password managers handle all of your passwords for you and ensure that all of your passwords are protected. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Unique Passwords - say goodbye to the password shuffle
  2. Super Secure Passwords - instead of using "jimBo234", password managers create extremely difficult passwords for each account, e.g., "suf7&43(732#Hfsn*734"
  3. Take your password manager everywhere - mobile or desktop
  4. Save a ton of time

If you decide to use anything on this list, invest in a good password manager.

Dymo Label Maker

Most of us at Seller's Suite were Amazon sellers at one point and all of us, with the exception of Greg... learned the joys of the Dymo printer. The Dymo printer helps you save money, time, and storage space. Here are some of the benefits of the Dymo printer:

  1. Faster than traditional laser printers
  2. Doesn't use ink (thermal baby!)
  3. Labels are smaller and cheaper
  4. Inexpensive to setup

The only downside of using the Dymo printer is that it's not compatible with Amazon at the time of this writing, but works with any of the major carriers and third-party shipping services.

Video to Articles - Double your SEO

This is an amazingly helpful trick that we learned from one of our friends over at BrainLeaf and it has to do creating double to content with half the time.

Every marketer knows that content generation is one of the keys to digital marketing and one of the powerhouses of content generation is blogging. Before you even write one line of your next blog, ask yourself if you could turn it into a video too. If the answer is yes, then take the video and talk about whatever topic you were going to talk about. Once you're done with that, edit the video and then send it to a transcriber to pump out your article. BAM!! You now have a video AND an article for your website.

Simple Photo Editor

If you know Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator then you can pass over this, as there really isn't anything better than those two. However, if you don't know how to use them, that's OK too. There's plenty of simple tools out there now that help Amazon Sellers quickly take care of some of the more basic tasks, like removing backgrounds or image touchups.

If you have time to learn Photoshop, then this is obviously the better tool to use, but it's also got a very high learning curve and it's going to be overkill for most sellers. We recommend ClippingMagic.

This is an entrepreneurs dream website right here. You can find amazing LTD (Life Time Deals) on this site that range from photo/video editing tools to email marketing tools.  


If you're doing any kind of digital marketing and you're not a Adobe pro, then you know how much of a pain it can be to create nice looking images for your ads. RelayThat solves that problem by allowing you to mix and match symbols, backgrounds, buttons and more into beautiful images that are perfectly sized for whatever platform you'll be posting on.

We actually got this purchased this when it was on AppSumo for $49 and we get to use it forever. Another reason to bookmark AppSumo.

Rewards Card

Don't even think about not using a rewards credit card. It's honestly foolish not to. Just make sure you pay it off each month.

Now for some basics

UPC Barcode Scanner

If you're storing and/or shipping products, then you should definitely invest in a UPC barcode scanner. Why? Because it beats the hell out of typing in UPC codes manually. This one is a no brainer and they're cheap - $35 for a good one that works with Amazon and all other third-party listing services.

Shipping Scale

Another no brainer if you store/ship products locally. For about $40-50, you can get a quality scale that connects to your computer so you don't have to manually input the weight for each product.

Self-sealing Poly Bags

If you sell multi-packs or bundles, then self-sealing poly bags are extremely helpful. Just add each item in the product, seal and it's ready to go. You can use these for one-off items, but they're more expensive for just single use items.

Heat Gun

A heat gun is extremely useful tool for every seller. In the event wrapping breaks on a product, which happens very often as any seller can attest to, then just put some heat on it and patch it up. Sending products to customers with torn packaging is a surefire way to get dinged on reviews/feedback.

Scotty Peelers

If you're an arbitrage seller, then this is a must-have to remove all of those stickers before shipping your products out.

Tape Dispenser

If you're packing and shipping your products then just go ahead and ship over the standard tape dispenser and purchase a gum tape dispenser. This won't only save you money, it will save you time by not having to deal with fixing the tape every time it peels, breaks or comes off the roller.

Handheld Mini Scanner

Arbitrage sellers, this is a great tool if you want to speed up your sourcing sessions. This little scanner is small enough to fit in your hand. Just scan the items and it stores the data and then you just have to plug it into your computer and download the data. Saves a ton of time.